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The Xoft® Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx®) System® combines the advantages of external radiation therapy — virtually the same amount of therapeutic dose delivered to the tumor site — with the advantages of standard brachytherapy and less radiation to surrounding healthy tissue.

With the Xoft System, radiation is attenuated beyond the treatment area under the FlexiShield. This minimizes the radiation exposure of healthy tissue and organs. As a complete system of care, the Xoft System allows for easy incorporation of future applications. For example, source voltage and current can be modulated, and will eventually permit Intensity Modulated Brachytherapy (Xoft IMBT™).

About eBx®

Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx®) is a method of delivering radiation internal to the body using a miniaturized X-ray source rather than a decaying radioactive isotope. The most significant difference between the two sources of radiation is that an isotope is always emitting radiation (and therefore has special safety requirements), whereas the electronic source can be turned on or off and requires very little special handling.

About the Xoft System

The Xoft System utilizes a miniaturized high dose rate X-ray source to apply radiation directly to the cancerous tumor bed. Unlike traditional high dose rate brachytherapy technologies, this ground-breaking form of brachytherapy does not require radioactive isotopes, heavy shielding or major capital equipment.