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The Axxent® Physics Accessories Kit allows physicists to perform quality assurance tests to confirm the Axxent eBx® System is working properly. Prior to treatment, the Physics Accessories Kit with its specialized gauges and catheters may be used to confirm key operating parameters and component specifications. The Shielded Text Fixture allows quality assurance tests of the system while concurrently providing a shielded environment for the operators. Combined with the complete Axxent eBx System, the Physics Accessories Kit is a valuable tool that ensures proper functioning of the system.

Physics Accessories Kit Includes:

  • Pullback Travel Indicator verifies the pullback distance accuracy.
  • X-ray source Length Gauge confirms the source length is within the specification and provides
    source length correction dimension.
  • Applicator Depth Gauge verifies the balloon applicator lumen length is within the specification
    and gathers the applicator length corrections dimension.
  • CT-compatible Marker Catheter represents possible X-ray source pullback positions within
    an applicator that is visible using a CT scanner.
  • Fluoro-compatible Marker Catheter represents potential X-ray source pullback positions within
    an applicator that is visible with fluoroscopic imaging.
  • Storage and Carrying Cases allow for convenient portability and ensure the protection of the kit.

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