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The Axxent® Electronic Brachytherapy System® is a leading-edge technology that utilizes a proprietary miniaturized X-ray source to apply radiation directly to a tumor site. The Axxent X-ray Source delivers highdose rate, low energy radiation treatment without the use of radioactive isotopes. The Axxent Source mimics certain characteristics of the most common HDR brachytherapy isotope, 192Ir, but the low energy of the Axxent Source enables the procedure to be done in a minimally shielded setting under the supervision of a radiation oncologist.

  • Creates greater access to treatment facilities by not requiring a shielded room for use.
  • Medical personnel can be present in room during treatment, providing patient comfort and well being.
  • Radiation is emitted only during treatment when the X-ray source is turned on.
  • Radiation is emitted at a low energy and high-dose rate, providing coverage to the target volume, while providing sharper dose fall-off than conventional HDR isotopes.
  • Radiation is attenuated beyond the area under the Axxent FlexiShield® protecting other parts of the body.
  • Source is available in 25 cm and 50 cm lengths for a broader range of treatment options.

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