GYN eBx®

The Xoft® Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx®) System® is designed to simplify the radiation therapy process and make it more accessible to patients who are suitable candidates for gynecological brachytherapy treatments (vaginal or cervical). While reducing the number of required treatments, eBx delivers a targeted prescribed dose of radiation directly to the site where cancer recurrence is most likely, minimizing exposure to healthy tissue such as the bladder and rectum.

The Xoft System utilizes a proprietary, miniaturized X-ray source to deliver eBx treatments to early-stage gynecological cancer patients. Offering a range of applicators developed for gynecological brachytherapy treatments including cervical and endometrial, the Xoft System offers valuable benefits to both clinician and patients including:

eBx is administered under the direction of a radiation oncologist who will determine the amount of radiation needed. It is delivered on an outpatient basis once a week for 3–5 weeks in a non-shielded room.

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All Xoft treatments must be performed with a thorough knowledge of radiation physics, proper planning, dosimetric calculations and knowledge of radio-biological effectiveness; therefore, we require that a radiation therapist/oncologist administer the use of the Xoft Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx) System. We do not support the use of the Xoft System by anyone other than radiation professionals (trained and certified). We rigorously enforce this, as patient safety and efficacy is preeminent to us.

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