The FlexiShield is a flexible lead-equivalent material which drapes over the patient treatment area to reduce radiation transmission to nearby healthy tissue and organs.

The FlexiShield along with the steeper dose fall-off of the Axxent HDR X-ray Source in comparison to HDR radioactive isotopes results in a dramatic reduction of shielding requirements. This allows hospital staff to remain in the room with the patient during treatment, and permits patient treatment in rooms and facilities that currently cannot be used for HDR brachytherapy.

  • Provides enhanced patient and medical personnel safety.
  • Lead equivalency of not less than 0.45 mm at 50 kVp.
  • Cleanable surface with water or a water/isopropyl alcohol mixture.
  • Easy to trim with scissors, razor or scalpel.
  • FlexiShield is non-sterile.

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