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Clinical Data

Nonmelanoma skin cancer treated with electronic brachytherapy:

Results at 1 year 

By Dr. Ajay Bhatnagar


Case Studies


Skin eBx:


Cancer Treatment Services Arizona
Casa Grande, AZ

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Skin Surgery Medical Group, Inc.
San Diego, CA

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Breast eBx:

Parkridge Medical Center
Chattanooga, TN

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Rose Medical Center
Denver, CO

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Active Clinical Studies

Xoft is actively seeking qualified patients and centers for multi-centered studies.

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Clinical Case Reviews

Radiation Oncologist Case Review:

Elizabeth J. Syzek, M.D.
Oklahoma Health Science Center
Oklahoma City, OK

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Surgical Case Reviews:

Elizabeth Tito, M.D.
Rhode Island Hospital
Providence, RI

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Peter Beitsch, M.D.
Medical City Dallas Office
Dallas, TX

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William C. Dooley, M.D.
Oklahoma Health Science Center
Oklahoma City, OK

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Philip Z. Israel, M.D.
Wellstar Kennestone Hospital
Marietta, GA

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Treating with eBx

Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx) is an alternative to radioactive isotope-based therapies, utilizing a miniaturized X-ray source to deliver high dose radiation to the cancerous site, at low energy. Treating with eBx allows treatment to be delivered in a minimally shielded environment, which makes radiation therapy accessible to a broader spectrum of patients and their physicians.

The Axxent® eBx System from Xoft is a proprietary electronic brachytherapy platform technology designed to deliver isotope-free (non-radioactive) radiation treatment in virtually any clinical setting under radiation oncology supervision, without the limitations of radionuclides. Dose rates from the Axxent eBx System are set to an operating voltage of 50kV, which allows for the minimal shielding, meaning the treating team can interact with the patient while delivering therapy.

The Axxent eBx System has similar dose rates to HDR. The precision delivery minimizes the risk of radiation exposure to healthy tissue and organs, while reducing the number of treatments. The Axxent eBx System combines the advantages of external radiation therapy — virtually the same amount of therapeutic dose delivered to the cancerous site — with the advantages of standard brachytherapy and less radiation to surrounding healthy tissue.

Advantages of Treating with eBx:

  • Delivers therapeutic dose directly to the cancerous site
  • No radioisotope regulatory, handling and safety issues
  • Lower shielding requirements brings brachytherapy treatment "out of the bunker"
  • Medical personnel may remain in the room
  • Less radiation is delivered to surrounding healthy organs and tissue*
  • Unique design allows for multiple applications


*Dickler, et al. "A Dosimetric comparison of MammoSite high dose rate brachytherapy and Xoft Axxent electronic brachytherapy," Brachytherapy (6) 2007, 164-168. "A Dosimetric comparison of Xoft Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy and Ir-192 HDR brachytherapy in the treatment of endometrial cancer," Brachytherapy (7) 2008, 154.