What Should I Expect?

Unlike alternative brachytherapy procedures which use radioactive isotopes, the Xoft® Electronic Brachytherapy System® uses a non-radioactive electronic X-ray source.


During IORT, your radiation therapy is completed at the time of surgery (lumpectomy). Your surgeons will the remove the cancer while preserving the remaining breast tissue. Immediately after the cancer is removed, a small inflatable balloon is placed into the surgical cavity. Radiation therapy utilizing the Xoft System is then delivered using a miniature x-ray source.

Treatment can take as little as eight minutes to complete. Once radiation therapy is delivered, your surgeon will remove the balloon and complete your operation. If reconstruction is a consideration, it can also be completed during surgery.

See patient brochure for additional important information.


Similar to IORT, during APBI, a balloon is temporarily placed inside the surgical cavity. For this treatment, the balloon will remain in the patient for the duration of the five day outpatient treatment. The balloon shaft will remain on the outside of the breast. It is thin and flexible so it can be easily tucked into a bra.

Radiation treatments are done on an outpatient basis so no hospital stay is required. The treatment consists of two treatments per day for five days. During treatment, the balloon applicator will be connected to the Xoft System, which controls the delivery of the radiation therapy. APBI, using the Xoft System, delivers the same dose to the target as traditional radiotherapy, but reduces the radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and organs.

On the fifth day, after the final treatment is complete, the balloon applicator will be deflated and removed.

See patient brochure for additional important information.

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Candidates for IORT

A discussion with your surgeon about IORT, as well as other treatment options, is necessary to determine if you are a candidate.

See our patient brochure for the advantages of IORT for early stage breast cancer and additional important information on IORT.

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