Xoft® Axxent® SPX Controller

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Electronic brachytherapy (eBx®) is an innovative method of delivering radiation therapy that addresses many of the challenges associated with conventional radiation therapy techniques. Unlike conventional radiation therapy, the Xoft eBx System does not use radioactive isotopes, require heavy shielding, or major capital equipment investment.

The SPX controller features an updated design developed specifically for clinical practices that are conducting surface eBx treatments. The SPX controller provides clinicians with improved scalability to treat NMSC lesions in a broader range of treatment environments. The technology is also designed for improved patient positioning and comfort while making it easier to target treatment with maximum precision.

The SPX controller features:

  • A streamlined design that accommodates smaller treatment rooms
  • Enhanced configuration options that provide greater flexibility in patient positioning and better access to challenging anatomic locations
  • Bar code scanning mechanism to improve workflow efficiency and enhanced HIPAA compliance

All Xoft treatments must be performed with a thorough knowledge of radiation physics, proper planning, dosimetric calculations and knowledge of radio-biological effectiveness; therefore, we require that a radiation therapist/oncologist administer the use of the Xoft Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx) System. We do not support the use of the Xoft System by anyone other than radiation professionals (trained and certified). We rigorously enforce this, as patient safety and efficacy is preeminent to us.

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