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The Xoft® Axxent® Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx®) System® is an innovative platform technology offering significant patient, mobility and economic advantages. The Xoft System utilizes a proprietary miniaturized x-ray source to deliver radiation directly to the tumor site in or on the body. This technology targets cancer while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. The Xoft System is FDA cleared and CE marked in the EU for use anywhere in the body, including treatment of early-stage breast cancer, non-melanoma skin cancer, and gynecological cancers.

Xoft’s unique 50kV stepping source combines high dose rate with low energy radiation, enabling the procedure to be completed under the supervision of a radiation oncologist in a minimally shielded setting. The mobility of the Xoft System coupled with its ability to treat multiple indications, gives clinicians and patients greater access to electronic brachytherapy as a treatment option.

All Xoft treatments must be performed with a thorough knowledge of radiation physics, proper planning, dosimetric calculations and knowledge of radio-biological effectiveness; therefore, we require that a radiation therapist/oncologist administer the use of the Xoft Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx) System. We do not support the use of the Xoft System by anyone other than radiation professionals (trained and certified). We rigorously enforce this, as patient safety and efficacy is preeminent to us.

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